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Phase 1

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Preparation is key to victory. Your competition isn’t waiting on Fabric.

Phase 1

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Getting Ready
for BEAD

Start here to get your share of $42.5 billion. Apply to one or many projects.

Phase 1

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Getting Ready for Middle Mile Grants

Apply for and win NTIA funding for middle mile broadband infrastructure.

Phase 1

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Grant Matching Funds

Grant Matching Funds helps you to understand what is needed to unlock matching funds.

Phase 1

Community Broadband Kit Icon

Community Broadband Kit

Use Community Broadband Kit to get the objective truth about an area’s broadband reality.

Phase 1

Getting Ready for Reconnect Icon

Getting Ready for Reconnect

All the information you need to assess your eligibility to apply for Reconnect.

Phase 1

Project Details Icon

Project Details

Apply for one or more BEAD projects. Invite collaborators, research your area & more.

Phase 1

Turnkey ACP Icon

Turnkey ACP

Effortlessly offer the ACP discount to families in need.

Phase 1

Local Coordination Icon

Local Coordination

Partner with great communities & providers to meet NTIA local coordination guidelines.

Phase 1

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Challenge Process

You’ll get the chance to make your case to your state & NTIA. So will others.

Phase 2

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Expert Help

Invite your consultant to your application, or get help from expert partners.

Phase 3

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Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting & Performance Managing

Winners face tough ongoing requirements for 10 years. Automate compliance.

Use to conduct independent research on underserved/unserved, competition, pricing, and opportunities in your area. Prepare for the challenge process, line up matching funds, collaborate with partners, build your application model, and more.