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When Should You Get Started?

Most people think everyone’s waiting on FCC’s Fabric and state plans. The truth is competitors are already building their application proposals. Get started today to be ready for strong submissions.

Phase 1

Phase 1

Pre-Application Research & Development


Get a head start on your competition

  • Uncover areas of opportunity

  • Begin Local Coordination

  • Invite collaborators & consultants

  • Line up match capital

Phase 2

Phase 2

Review & Submit Application(s)

+ 3-6 Months

File one or more application(s) from your model

  • Build one application profile

  • Apply to many programs

  • Get professional help

  • Export your application profile at any time

Phase 3

Phase 3

Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting & Performance Management

+ 120 Months from First Disbursement

Focus on serving subscribers

  • One-touch federal, state & local reporting

  • Comply with agencies and capital providers

  • Keep partners informed in the dashboard

  • Includes active measurement reporting

Collaborate with Partners

Who’s Using


IIJA BEAD Applicants


States & 4 Territories


Grants Sought

IIJA BEAD broadband grants support and encourage diverse partnership models. is built from the ground up to support many kinds of local partnerships, involving many stakeholders.


For Broadband Providers

Research your territory, build you application profile, line up matching funds, win at local coordination, and more.

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For Communities

Use the Community Broadband Toolkit to identify and document your community’s broadband needs with defensible, statistically sound data. Find great providers, get verifiable speed tests, and more.

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For Co-ops & Tribes

You’re uniquely qualified to win outsized resources in the IIJA broadband grant programs. Get the tools and data you need to make the most of your efforts.


For Broadband Investors

Get exclusive access to grant-backed broadband opportunities. Track portfolio progress with geospatial portfolio management tools, and more.


For Grant Writers

Help your clients make the most of your time and resources. Collaborate on applications, manage multiple applications, and more.


For States & Councils

Power your state broadband grant portal with modern cloud-based tools. Combine your existing data sets with powerful source-of-truth insights and data tools.

Your full lifecycle broadband grant platform

Which edition is right for you?


Good for startup providers. Upgrade at any time
  • Basic data in one state

  • Single user

  • Basic support

Most Popular


Perfect for single-state providers. Add extra states for $1,995 / mo
  • Enhanced data & insights in one state

  • Apply for matching funding sources

  • Collaborate with partners & consultants

  • Enhanced support


Unlock powerful insights
with your full application team
in up to three states
  • Everything in Pro, plus…

  • Build multiple proposals per state

  • Add your geospatial data for enhanced insights

  • Two hours per month with Coaches

  • Enterprise support

Portal Edition

Manage many applicants. Coordinate applications. Track your geospatial broadband portfolio. And more. Perfect for consultants, broadband investors, and state governments soliciting applications.

    Complete only what you need

    How does it work? organizes your broadband grant work into chapters. You’ll only need to complete the chapters required for your grant-seeking projects. This way, you can develop your grant applications on your time and terms.

    Each section comes with how-to guides, templates, lessons, and insights to help you build winning applications.

    Phase 1

    Pre-enroll Icon


    Preparation is key to victory. Your competition isn’t waiting on Fabric.

    Phase 1

    Getting Ready for BEAD Icon

    Getting Ready
    for BEAD

    Start here to get your share of $42.5 billion. Apply to one or many projects.

    Phase 1

    Project Details Icon

    Project Details

    Apply for one or more BEAD projects. Invite collaborators, research your area & more.

    Phase 1

    Turnkey ACP Icon

    Turnkey ACP

    Effortlessly offer the ACP discount to families in need.

    Phase 1

    Matching Funds Icon

    Matching Funds

    You’ll need at least 25% for BEAD. Apply for many sources from a single application.

    Phase 1

    Local Coordination Icon

    Local Coordination

    Partner with great communities & providers to meet NTIA local coordination guidelines.

    Phase 1

    Challenge Process Icon

    Challenge Process

    You’ll get the chance to make your case to your state & NTIA. So will others.

    Phase 2

    Rider Icon


    Preparation is key to victory. Don't wait on fabric softener like your competition.

    Phase 2

    Expert Help Icon

    Expert Help

    Invite your consultant to your application, or get help from expert partners.

    Phase 3

    Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting & Performance Managing Icon

    Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting & Performance Managing

    Winners face tough ongoing requirements for 10 years. Automate compliance.

    Phase 1

    Community Broadband Toolkit Icon

    Community Broadband Toolkit

    Communities get ready to win and defend their share of BEAD.

    Explore all guides

    • 1


      Research Broadband Grants

      BEAD requires careful understanding of your grant project areas. See your territory in an all new light with 

      Free users can use our tools to complete a variety of tasks, such as uncover basic insights about performance, competition, and socio-demographics, and use various filters to perform analyses. 

      Pro users can get enhanced insights to help you quickly understand the economics and grant needs of your target areas before doing engineering or financial modeling.

    • 2


      Build Your Application Model

      Don’t get stuck in the old way of exchanging word documents and excel files.

      Save time: develop your application model to apply for one or more project(s) in one or more state(s). Start by developing your universal application model foundation.

      Build your BEAD broadband grant application model. Use to easily figure out project economics with your local partners. You can iterate towards amazing outcomes with stakeholders in a single, easy-to-use, secure environment. You can export your work at any time. This single interface allows you to only answer questions once — not dozens of times.

    • 3


      Refine with Resources & Partners

      Get the broadband grant resources and help you need in real time. Your broadband grant application model keeps all of your stakeholders on the same page. Refine answers solo or with collaborators. No back and forth on static PDFs.

    • 4


      Submit Your Application(s)

      When you’re ready, manage and file one or more proposal(s) in one or more state(s). Track progress and manage update requests across proposals from a single place.

    • 5

      Stay focused on happy subscribers


      Ongoing Monitoring, Reporting, and Performance Management

      The IIJA requires extensive reporting from BEAD grant applicants. helps BEAD broadband grant winners to report to National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). With, you can automate ongoing reporting and measurements throughout the 10 year grant lifecycle to generate NTIA, state, and matching fund provider reports on the fly while minimizing administrative manpower in the loop. helps you stay compliant so you can focus on execution.

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    • 6

      It’s easy to get started.


      Launch Your Community’s Broadband Measurement Toolkit.

      In thirty minutes or less, you can start your community’s custom-labeled testing site. Fill out a few fields, pick a few choices, invite your community admins, and you’re off! 

    • 7


      Get Your Community To Take the Broadband Test and Survey.

      Use built-in tools, social media, community organizations and more to get people to take your test. Encourage them to test a few times over a two week period for best results.

    • 8


      Track Your Results.

      See where you still need test results, get a real time understanding of your community’s eligibility for broadband grants, and more.

    • 9


      Submit Your Proof.

      Whether you’re establishing eligibility, or defending your proposal in the challenge process, Community Broadband Toolkit lets you submit defensible, transparent data.

    Partner up. Fund up. Get results with


    Get Started

    Whether you're a broadband provider, community leader, or state officer, get the tools needed to win broadband grants and bring better broadband to your communities.


    Get Help & Partnerships

    Partnerships are key as highlighted in the BEAD NOFO. Easily identify and engage community leaders, anchor institutions, project collaborators, and more. Invite experts in to help you with your application. 

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    Get Local Coordination

    Local coordination and partnerships are essential, as highlighted in the BEAD NOFO. Easily identify and engage community leaders, anchor institutions, project collaborators, and more.


    Get Matching Funds

    BEAD requires at least 25% in matching funds. Get a head start and apply for many sources with a single application.


    Get Resources

    Join the community to stay up-to-date, read detailed guides on key documents like the BEAD NOFO, participate in events with industry leaders, and attend weekly office hours held by former U.S. Commerce Department Division Chief Scott D. Woods, Esq.


    It's Fast

    Setup typically takes an hour or less. Need help? Ping us.


    It’s Free

    The Community Broadband Toolkit is a public service, meant to help communities like yours win & defend your share of America’s largest-ever investment in broadband grants. 

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    It’s Anonymous

    Test takers don’t need to disclose any personal information. They can optionally specify their address to help you improve your result accuracy. 


    Good Offense

    Community Broadband Toolkit gives you the empirical ground truth data you’ll need in order to prove eligibility for broadband grants in your area. 


    Good Defense

    Be prepared for the Challenge Process. Fabric may not reflect your community’s broadband reality. NTIA provides for challenges to Fabric, but you need to collect really good data. Use Community Broadband Toolkit to get it right, right away.

    Got Questions?

    We're here to help you win. Get in touch, or view more FAQ glow icon

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