Get the data you need

Get the empirical data you need to win & defend your share of BEAD grants.

Get your community’s Broadband Audit. Prove unserved and underserved areas in your community. Works for Eligibility and Challenge Process.

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Monopolies don’t want you to win.

How will you get your share of broadband grants?

America is gearing up for its largest ever investment in broadband. If your community has unserved or underserved serviceable broadband locations, the Community Broadband Kit lets you prove it. Get your community’s Broadband Audit.

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    It’s easy to get started.


    Launch your community’s Broadband Measurement Kit.

    In thirty minutes or less, you can start your community’s custom-labeled testing site. Fill out a few fields, pick a few choices, invite your community admins, and you’re off! 

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    Get your community to take the broadband test and survey.

    Use built-in tools, social media, community organizations and more to get people to take your test. Encourage them to test a few times over a two week period for best results.

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    Track your results with Broadband Audit.

    See where you still need test results, get a real time understanding of your community’s eligibility for broadband grants, and more.

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    Submit your proof.

    Whether you’re establishing eligibility, or defending your proposal in the challenge process, Community Broadband Kit lets you submit defensible, transparent data.

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Get your own.

Set up your Community Broadband Kit.

Get Your Community’s Broadband Audit Today


It's fast.

Setup typically takes an hour or less. Need help? 


It’s free.

The Community Broadband Kit is a public service, meant to help communities like yours win & defend your share of America’s largest-ever investment in broadband grants. 

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It’s anonymous.

Test takers don’t need to disclose any personal information. They can optionally specify their address to help you improve your result accuracy. 


Good offense.

Community Broadband Kit gives you the empirical ground truth data you’ll need in order to prove eligibility for broadband grants in your area. 


Good defense.

Be prepared for the Challenge Process. Fabric may not reflect your community’s broadband reality. NTIA provides for challenges to Fabric, but you need to collect really good data. Use Community Broadband Kit to get it right, right away. logo
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