Apply For Matching Funds

Your Gateway to BEAD Broadband Grants Success!

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Discover the Power of "Apply for Matching Funds" – Your Gateway to BEAD Broadband Grants Success!

Prepare and conquer BEAD broadband grants with ease using our comprehensive guide. Gain valuable insights into unlocking matching funds and understand the crucial requirements to secure the funding you need. While our focus remains on BEAD grants, the knowledge and lessons provided are also transferable to other grant matching opportunities and securing external capital for your projects or businesses.

We understand that you're busy connecting families to broadband, which is why we aim to save you precious time. No more struggling to line up potential funding sources for your visionary broadband projects. Say goodbye to repetitive meetings with investors asking the same questions repeatedly.

With "Apply for Matching Funds," you'll experience a game-changing approach. Submit a single application profile, and meet numerous investors eager to support your vision. You have complete control over who gets to see what, ensuring confidentiality and privacy throughout the process. Embrace the efficiency and simplicity of our platform as you take charge of your broadband funding journey.

Who is this for? 

This section is designed for existing local providers keen on pursuing matching capital for their BEAD applications. Whether you already have definite plans or are exploring possibilities, this module is tailored for you if you own and/or operate a provider business in at least one state or territory. 


What is covered in this guide?

The platform offers specialized resources to help you secure matching funds and navigate the financial aspects of BEAD grants. Here's how we assist you in achieving your funding goals:

  • Matching Rules for BEAD: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific matching rules set forth by BEAD grants. Our platform provides clear insights into the requirements and criteria for securing matching funds and a step by step guide for you to stay compliant. 
  • Complete Financial Due Diligence: Prepare for interactions with matching capital providers by completing the initial financial due diligence. We equip you with the necessary tools and templates to address the inquiries of potential financial counterparties confidently.
  • Robust Financial Model: Using the provided templates, create a robust financial model that financial counterparties can access and examine before making investment decisions. Our platform streamlines the process, ensuring that you present a comprehensive and compelling financial projection.
  • Understanding Equity, Debt, Performance Bonds, and Letter of Credit: Learn the nuances between equity, debt, and letter of credit financing options. Our resources offer clarity on each option, helping you make informed decisions on the most suitable funding approach for your broadband project.
  • Leveraging Municipal Debt: Understand how operators or communities can utilize municipal debt as a financing mechanism for matching funds. Our platform provides guidance on maximizing the potential of municipal debt to support your broadband initiatives. 


In this guide you will: 

  • Prepare to line up matching funds 
    • Applicants seeking matching funds will be able to source funds from a variety of interested funding sources in a future section. You can start applying for matching funds now!
      • ❕ BEAD will require proof of funding up front with your application submission, and this process has been known to take a year or more, so it’s best to get going as soon as possible, well before you finalize your application submissions. Most incumbents already have matching funds secured.
  • Answer questions once, not dozens of times 
    • The information you provide during Apply For Matching Funds will seamlessly transfer and be utilized when your state's application for BEAD becomes available.
  • Tools included in Apply for Matching Funds