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Will you miss out on America’s largest ever investment in broadband?

Winners get abundant resources to grow. Losers face all-new challenges.

Apply for BEAD, CPF, and more.

win broadband grants includes everything you need to build remarkable applications, without hiring an army. Tools for every step of your broadband grant journey.

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️Build Your A-Team

Who doesn’t love when a good plan comes together?

  • Collaborate with your team to get the entire package you’ll need for BEAD. In YOUR Application model.

Area analysis, model answers, partners and insights. All in one place.

  • Get optional help from world-class partners like Nokia and BCG.

️Lightyears Beyond “Serviceable Location”

Go deeper than served and underserved Get the real picture of broadband reality and need in your community.

Customized surveys. Address-level insights. At your fingertips.


️Find and engage community partners.

Fabric ignores Anchor Institutions. You can’t. Offer your company as a solution provider


Line Up Matching Funds.

You will need proof of matching funds for at least 25%* of the grant value for BEAD applications. Up front.

Match with Letter of Credit and equity providers. Quickly find prospective capital partners.

Why waste hundreds of hours with individual investor & lender conversations? (* in almost all cases. Rare exceptions apply.)


Everything you need to build strong applications:

Rich data, program rules, model answers, and geospatial insights. All in one place.

Write your first draft data-driven narrative answers automatically

Find Unserved & Underserved in Your Area

Get the geospatial insights you need to succeed

Identify and Engage Anchor Institutions

Predict Where Grants are Needed Most

Line Up Matching Funds for select projects*

Automate Ongoing Reporting & Compliance

…without hiring an army.

Time is running out

The wait is over.
Don’t miss the once-ever opportunity to
connect constituents to better broadband.

Get the funding you need to ensure affordable, reliable broadband access for your constituents

Time is running out – your state will be formalizing its Five Year Plan soon. Get started.


Get More from your Consultants

Invite your consultant to help you apply. Be on the same page. Help them help you win.

Get Census-block, Parcel-level, & Address-level Insights

Serviceable locations are dots on a map. Understand Residential, Business, and Community Anchor Institution demand points in all new light.
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Put your best foot forward. Make carrier-grade choices

Choose from options that match your vision. Develop plans for permanent, carrier-grade infrastructure.

Build your Dream BOM

Ready Provider Bundle brings scale purchasing power of thousands of fellow applicants to secure incumbent-grade economics.

Define your Proposal Area with Precision

Upload, draw, or model your precise proposal area. Model from your state’s grant priority areas.

Get Expert Help

Invite experts to your application. Get the help you need.

️Meet BEAD’s big requirements.

All the insights and guidance you need in on place.

Connecting a village takes a village.

Discover what the broadband grants platform can do for you.

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Grant Seekers

All the tools you need to apply for broadband grants in one place.

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State Broadband Offices

Make the most of your CPF and BEAD allocations, without hiring an army.

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Broadband Investors

Discover, diligence, & deploy into top grant-backed broadband projects.

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Mayors & Cities

Don’t lose out on your state’s broadband resources.

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Tribes & Native Persons

Every Tribe deserved future-proof broadband. Get your share.

RECs & Telcos Icon

RECs & Telcos

Get your share of funding to connect member homes to the next utility.

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Broadband Vendors

OEMs & Solution Providers: help thousands of applications make carrier-grade decisions.

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Engineering, Procurement & Construction partners: help design, develop, and deliver connectivity.

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Broadband Consultants

Make the most of your time and effort. Help more clients deliver great broadband outcomes.

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Automate 10 Year Reporting & Compliance

Offer Turnkey ACP™

Outage management

Secure subscriber records

Subscriber Experience

And more...

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