Contents of NTIA’s Middle Mile Grant Program application Thumbnail Image

Contents of NTIA’s Middle Mile Grant Program application

Applicants to the National Telecommunication and Information Administration’s $1 billion Middle Mile Grant Program will be required to submit project details prior to being awarded grant funds.

The Middle Mile program will allocate funds based on a competitive process for building out middle mile infrastructure. Eligible entities include states, tribal governments, tech companies, utility cooperatives, and nonprofit organizations.

Project details should include an executive summary that analyses how the proposed project will advance the Middle Mile Grant Program and Notice of Funding Opportunity objectives, which can be found in the NOFO. 

It will also provide an overview of the proposed route or service areas and indicate a level of need in the service areas. 

Applicants should then submit a Level of Need Narrative which will describe the level of need in the proposed service areas, estimated end-users, and any service providers that have expressed interest in completing last mile infrastructure after the project completion. 

The project detail should also include a government and community involvement section where applicants need to detail the coordination and level of involvement with local and state governments.

Eligible entities will make a binding commitment to prioritize at least one of the objectives of the Middle Mile Grant Program: Connecting middle mile infrastructure to last mile networks that service unserved areas, connecting non-contiguous trust lands, and offering wholesale broadband service. The entity should make additional commitments as part of the project detail portion of the application. 

Applicants are expected to explain: 

  • How projects have taken national security requirements into account

  • How projects will train a workforce to develop the needed skills

  • How projects improve climate resiliency. 
  • Applicants also need to provide a project timeline.

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