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Guides to Broadband Funding

A Wealth of New Guides for Broadband Funding

We are seeing a great variety of guides and resources to the federal broadband funding landscape. As the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act timeline becomes more real, we are seeing resources and tools that help applicants become better educated on each of the various grant programs.

Two guides that recently caught my eye include the “Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities” guide from Common Sense Media, and this multi-part guide, including “A State-Sized Tsunami of Federal Funding” from US Ignite.

Other resources include this great early summary about IIJA from the Institute for Local Self Reliance’s Community Networks project, and their recent follow-through.

The US Ignite guide (at least the version linked above) is a brief and to-the-point description of the funding landscape. The Common Sense Media guide goes into greater detail on each of the core programs: Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program, the Middle Mile Grants Program, the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program and the Digital Equity Competitive Grant Program.

In particular, the Common Sense guide highlights recipients, timelines, and uses for each of the programs.

And on that subject of dissecting individual grant programs, don’t miss this upcoming series of Broadband Breakfast Live Online events (actually Broadband Breakfast for Lunch, as we will be doing these events both live online and in person) on March 9, April 13, May 11, and June 8. Stay tuned for information about Broadband.Money on these events, too.

And, of course, don’t miss all the resources geared to IIJA that you are finding here on Broadband.Money.

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