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All the tools you need to scale your BEAD & CPF engagements, without hiring an army

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Your clients need your full-lifecycle help.

  • Collaborate with your clients
  • Empower them to do their part
  • Be on the same page with the up-to-date insights and guidance you both need

Everything you need to:

Manage your broadband grant applicant clients in one place

Track applicant progress within and across clients

Gather the data you need with a few clicks

Help your clients make good choices

Process More Grant Applications

Save dozens of hours per engagement with Broadband Audit

Get up-to-date market insights with Broadband Kit

Draft data-driven, compliant answers for BEAD & CPF in any state or territory


The choice is yours:

legacy of disaster


Sit on the sidelines during the largest-ever program

legacy of success


Scale your business rapidly, without hiring an army

Craft compelling, compliant answers

  • Get first draft prompts for narrative questions:
  • Works for BEAD and CPF in any state or territory. Customizable.
  • Data-driven narrative question drafts. Your team comes over the top of the baseline facts.

Trusted by world-class industry leaders

trusted by world-class industry leaders
Time is running out

The wait is over.
Don’t miss the once-ever opportunity to
connect constituents to better broadband.

Grow your engagements

  • Be helpful throughout states and programs
  • Grow your practice with access to the BBM applicant pipeline
  • Join the broadband grant marketplace

Unleash your team’s superpowers

Don’t waste time doing manual research. Figuring out facts quickly frees you up to help your client think through hard problems.


Multiply your customer base. Maintain your headcount.

Doing more with less enables you to grow your practice without growing your team 1:1. Give more to your customers. Get more out of your business.


Stuck in Feasibility Study Hell?

You already know the project is feasible. But time & materials on hundreds of PDFs isn’t going to work for BEAD.

Evolve your practice with the Standard Application Model.

It’s Up To You.

You’re the perfect deployment partner for your state. Your members need you to help bring better broadband.