Ask Me Anything! with Dave Täht, Internet Pioneer

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Mar 31, 2023


About Our Distinguished Guest

Dave is a lot of things. He's a musician, a computer scientist, a network engineer, and an open source software advocate. He is the co-founder of, as well as

He has made it his life's work to rip the latency out of networks around the world, and founded an ISP in 1993 before it was cool.

Dave's cap has a lot of feathers in it: He's made core contributions to WiFi and to various IETF network standards (including DOCSIS 3.1), as well as to open source software (Ardour, Asterisk, embedded Linux) and the well known codel, fq_codel and CAKE SQM algorithms, just to name a few. He also helped found the oldest BBS still on the internet,

It's highly likely you own a device with something he wrote or did in it; and your packets were touched by his code.