Ask Me Anything! with Jason Cohen, CEO of MyBundle.TV

Ask Me Anything! with Jason Cohen, CEO of MyBundle.TV Banner Image

Jan 26, 2024


About Our Distinguished Guest

Jason Cohen is the CEO and Co-Founder of MyBundle.TV.

Prior to starting MyBundle.TV, Jason was a Portfolio Manager at Buckingham Capital Management, where he researched and invested in the Media/Telecom Sector with a special focus on how streaming TV was disrupting the traditional ecosystem. Jason not only believed consumers would benefit from the increasing choice afforded by streaming, but that a new golden age of broadband providers was around the corner due to the separation of broadband and video delivery.

However, with all that choice came new challenges, and in 2019, Jason started MyBundle.TV to help simplify streaming for consumers, streaming services, and broadband providers. From making it simpler to cut the cord to finding TV shows and movies on a customer's current streaming services, MyBundle is here to help.

MyBundle is now helping over 165 broadband providers of all types, including publicly traded and private equity backed FTTH providers, electric cooperatives, telephone and cable companies, and more.