Where's The Funding? Episode 1: Intro to BEAD Matching Funds

Where's The Funding? Episode 1: Intro to BEAD Matching Funds Banner Image

Jan 18, 2023


Series Overview

  • Monthly Webinar hosted by Fiber Broadband Association, sponsored by
  • Focus: broadband grant matching fund contributions: rules, sources, pitfalls, tips, and more
  • Schedule: Each 30 minute show takes place the third Wednesday of the month throughout 2023 unless otherwise noted
  • Shows: Each show includes an experienced industry expert covering a specific topic. Q&A for some through the broadband community.
What Will You Get?

This series is designed to equip you with the tools and information you’ll need to satisfy BEAD’s matching contribution requirements.

You’ll meet with and hear directly from top industry experts who supply matching funds to broadband grant projects. Get valuable knowledge from experienced broadband investors and lenders who deploy matching funds across a wide range of grant project types, stages, shapes and sizes.

We’ll dig in to the nuances of matching fund contribution requirements, to help you navigate the complexities, hear tips and tricks, and meet with people who can help you secure your matching funds. You’ll learn about subjects like the capital stack, eligible sources, shopping for matching funds from multiple sources in a single process, and more.

Attendees will be the first to know about new tools and resources built to help broadband grant applicants navigate the matching funds marketplace.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone seeking broadband grants in the current and upcoming programs – Treasury Capital Program Fund (CPF), BEAD, Tribal, and more – should consider attending. Cooperatives, tribes, municipalities looking to get into fiber should attend, as well as broadband funders.


Guests on the show will come from a wide spectrum of specialties in the world of public and private finance, philanthropy, and lending. They will help you understand how, when, and where to land grant funding and launch your projects.

Let’s kick this series off with co-founders Jase Wilson and Mike Faloon. The Ready team built tools to help smaller and non-traditional broadband grant applicants build complete applications – including matching funds from many providers. We’ll get an overview of the rules, look at the year ahead, and hear tips for grant applicants on lining up their matching contributions.