Match Waivers

Gain an understanding of the NTIA's policy on matching funds waivers and the policy on how they are distributed.

In evaluating requests for waiver of the BEAD Program’s non-federal match requirement, NTIA will carefully balance the Program’s various objectives. It is NTIA’s policy to ensure that BEAD funds are used to bring affordable broadband to all Americans. Thus, the Assistant Secretary will generally seek to minimize the BEAD funding outlay on a particular project to extend the Program’s reach, and expects to grant waivers only in special circumstances, when waiver is necessary to advance objectives that are critical to the Program’s success. In order to be considered for a waiver, a State must submit a request that describes the special circumstances underlying the request and explain how a waiver would serve the public interest and effectuate the purposes of the BEAD Program. The Assistant Secretary retains the discretion to waive any amount of the match, including up to the full 25 percent requirement.



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