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Anticipated Hawaii Broadband Grant Awards

NTIA IIJA : $180.2 M - $193.8 Million
for broadband grants (anticipated). Affecting factors include network speed and population.

Treasury CPF: $115.5 Million
for broadband grants (anticipated).

Hawaii Broadband Director

Burt Lum


Parent Department:
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Cable Television Division

(808) 587-9001

About Hawaii Broadband Office

Hawaii enacted HB 1191 in 2021. The law established the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program for the implementation of American Rescue Plan Act federal funding. The law defines broadband infrastructure that is inclusive of both wired and wireless technologies. But that doesn't include wireless spectrum. 

The law also created the Hawaii Broadband and Digital Equity Office a strategic broadband coordinator.

Hawaii has a Broadband Strategic Plan.This document provides information on current broadband speeds throughout the state, and provides a framework for policies and programs to meet broadband goals.

With funds derived from the American Rescue Plan, Hawaii intends to spend $5 million for broadband infrastructure to “non-governmental” entities.

But Governor David Ige has yet to release that funding as of March 2022. This Honoluli Civilbeat article has a useful summary of the status of broadband planning in Hawaii as of December 2021. Most notably, it says that Hawaii lacks a detailed roadmap for the flood of cash coming its way. 

Hawaii Broadband Investment Maps

Hawaii broadband investment map ready strength rank

Ready Strength Rank

Hawaii broadband investment map yield on cost

Yield on Cost Maps

Hawaii broadband investment map yield on cost

Pricing & Competition

Hawaii broadband investment map business establishments

Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Hawaii broadband investment map small business establishments

Small Business Establishments

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