Iowa State Broadband Office

Iowa State Broadband Office Overview

Iowa Broadband Grant Award Status

BEAD :$415.3 M

Iowa 5 Year Plan
Initial Proposal v1
Initial Proposal v2
Challenge Window
Application Window
Awards Announced

Treasury Capital Projects Fund: $152.2 M

Treasury Approved
Application Window
Awards Announced

Broadband Office Name:
Office of the Chief Information Officer

About Office of the Chief Information Officer

The office of the Chief Information Officer facilitates broadband infrastructure initiatives.

Their website offers a broadband availability map and information to apply for funding, derived from the American Rescue Plan and local funding.

Broadband programs include the property tax exemption program that provides residents tax exemption for installation of broadband infrastructure to meet federal internet speeds within a specified service area.

The Governor’s Empower Rural Iowa Grant Program has up to $97 million in grant funding available for private ISP’s to apply.

$200 million is anticipated for Iowa to expand broadband infrastructure via the ARPA.

The funding will go towards networks that will facilitate last-mile broadband speeds of 100 Mbps x 100 Mbps or 100 x 20 in cases where the symmetrical option is not feasible due to cost or geography.

Iowa Broadband Investment Maps

Iowa broadband investment map ready strength rank

Ready Strength Rank

Iowa broadband investment map yield on cost

Yield on Cost Maps

Iowa broadband investment map yield on cost

Pricing & Competition

Iowa broadband investment map business establishments

Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Iowa broadband investment map small business establishments

Small Business Establishments

Iowa broadband investment map REC coverage

Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) Coverage Map

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