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Anticipated Michigan Broadband Grant Awards

NTIA IIJA : $1.6 B - $1.6 Billion
for broadband grants (anticipated). Affecting factors include network speed and population.

Treasury CPF: $250.6 Million
for broadband grants (anticipated).

Michigan Broadband Director

Eric Frederick


Broadband Office Name:
Michigan High-Speed Internet Office (MIHI)

Parent Department:
Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity


About Michigan High-Speed Internet Office (MIHI)

Per Executive Directive 2021-2, the Department Labor and Economic Opportunity administers the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office, responsible for broadband coordination statewide. The Michigan Consortium of Advanced Networks created the Michigan Broadband Roadmap in 2018; today this framework is the official state broadband plan. So far, 84% of the state obtains terrestrial broadband coverage at 25 mbps, yet 56% of residents have access to a low-priced broadband plan.

Broadband programs include the Connecting Michigan Taskforce, the WiFi Hotspot Locator, which allows residents to self-report WiFi locations, and the Michigan Infrastructure Council “Dig Once” Project portal which allows public and private ISPs to document future construction dates and locations for new broadband development. The overall amount reserved for broadband funding is not calculated at this time, however Michigan is estimated to receive $2.1 billion via the American Rescue Plan. With this funding Governor Gretchen Whitmer created the 3-pillar MI New Economy Plan.

Broadband funding includes the Connecting Michigan Communities Grant Program includes an affordability and service limitation scoring criteria for applicants of 20 points out of 150. Scoring for the projects is based on the capacity of those included within the proposed area of the project to afford and use the service.

Distribution for funding might be a challenge for some residents, as over 45 municipal officials are declining/ not applying for their portion of funding for broadband infrastructure, due to “philosophical opposition” or “frustrations” with spending limits.

Michigan Broadband Investment Maps

Michigan broadband investment map ready strength rank

Ready Strength Rank

Michigan broadband investment map yield on cost

Yield on Cost Maps

Michigan broadband investment map yield on cost

Pricing & Competition

Michigan broadband investment map business establishments

Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Michigan broadband investment map small business establishments

Small Business Establishments

Michigan broadband investment map REC coverage

Rural Electric Cooperative(REC) Coverage Map

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