Ohio State Broadband Office

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Anticipated Ohio Broadband Grant Awards

NTIA IIJA : $812.2 M - $865 Million
for broadband grants (anticipated). Affecting factors include network speed and population.

Treasury CPF: $268.6 Million
for broadband grants (anticipated).

Ohio Broadband Director

Jon Husted

Lt. Governor


Broadband Office Name:
Ohio Department of Transportation

(614) 387-2114

About Ohio Department of Transportation

The overall plan developed by the State of Ohio, the Ohio Residential Broadband Expansion Grant program aims to provide that $250 million “to help our local private and public sector partners expand high-speed, affordable internet in areas of Ohio that are presently underserved” and assist in creating a modern healthcare, economy, and educational system.

Ohio comes in the 24th slot, with almost 620,000 persons unable to gain a wired broadband connection with speeds of 25 Mbps, according to BroadbandNow.

Ohio Broadband Investment Maps

Ohio broadband investment map ready strength rank

Ready Strength Rank

Ohio broadband investment map yield on cost

Yield on Cost Maps

Ohio broadband investment map yield on cost

Pricing & Competition

Ohio broadband investment map business establishments

Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Ohio broadband investment map small business establishments

Small Business Establishments

Ohio broadband investment map REC coverage

Rural Electric Cooperative(REC) Coverage Map

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