Oklahoma State Broadband Office

Oklahoma State Broadband Office Overview

Oklahoma Broadband Grant Award Status

BEAD :$797.4 M

Oklahoma 5 Year Plan
Initial Proposal v1
Challenge Window
Initial Proposal v2
Application Window
Awards Announced

Treasury Capital Projects Fund: $167.7 M

Treasury Approved
Application Window
Awards Announced

Broadband Office Name:
Oklahoma Broadband Office (OBO)

Oklahoma Broadband Director

Mike Sanders

Executive Director

About Oklahoma Broadband Office (OBO)

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed HB 1124 into law in May 2021.

The law directs the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the Rural Broadband Expansion Council to create the State Broadband Deployment Grant Program. It directs the council to look to other states' programs for best practices.

It also establishes the State Broadband Deployment Grant Program Fund. 

Oklahoma Broadband Investment Maps

Oklahoma broadband investment map ready strength rank

Oklahoma Map of Ready Strength Rank

Oklahoma broadband investment map yield on cost

Oklahoma Yield on Cost Maps

Oklahoma broadband investment map price and competition

Oklahoma Pricing & Competition Map

Oklahoma broadband investment map business establishments

Oklahoma Map of Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Oklahoma broadband investment map REC coverage

Oklahoma Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) Coverage Map

Map of Oklahoma Broadband Serviceable Locations

Oklahoma Map of Anchor Institutions

Oklahoma Broadband Service Provider Coverage Maps

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Oklahoma Small Business Establishments Map

Number of small business establishments

Oklahoma broadband investment map small business establishments

Business size distribution in underserved areas

Oklahoma broadband investment map business size distribution within underserved project areas