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Vermont Broadband Grant Award Status

BEAD :$228.9 M

Vermont 5 Year Plan
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Initial Proposal v2
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Treasury Capital Projects Fund: $113.1 M

Treasury Approved
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Broadband Office Name:
Vermont Community Broadband Board

Vermont Broadband Director

Christine Hallquist

About Vermont Community Broadband Board

This plan for broadband was created as a direct response to COVID-19 and has analyzed the number of families that didn’t have adequate access to broadband during this crucial period. When this statement was released in 2020, 23 percent of the state didn’t have access to broadband at 25/3 Mbps. 23 percent was equivalent to 69,899 business and residential locations.

The Emergency Broadband Action Plan will bring access to fiber-based broadband service at 100/100 Mbps to the 70,000 locations in the state that lack broadband access.

Included in this plan is to have universal broadband access deployment by 2024. To achieve this, the state will provide direct financial support to communications union districts through the Broadband Innovation Grant Program for purposes of administrative and grant writing support. 

It will also fully fund a broadband-access deployment program for unserved towns with requested funds between $42 million and $296 million.

Vermont Broadband Investment Maps

Vermont broadband investment map ready strength rank

Vermont Map of Ready Strength Rank

Vermont broadband investment map yield on cost

Vermont Yield on Cost Maps

Vermont broadband investment map price and competition

Vermont Pricing & Competition Map

Vermont broadband investment map business establishments

Vermont Map of Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Vermont broadband investment map small business establishments

Vermont Small Business Establishments Map

Map of Vermont Broadband Serviceable Locations

Vermont Map of Anchor Institutions

Vermont Broadband Service Provider Coverage Maps

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Vermont Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) Coverage Map

Vermont broadband investment map REC coverage