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Wyoming Broadband Grant Award Status

BEAD :$347.9 M

Wyoming 5 Year Plan
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Treasury Capital Projects Fund: $109.5 M

Treasury Approved
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Parent Department:
The State of Wyoming’s Economic Development Agency (Wyoming Business Council)

Wyoming Broadband Director

Elaina Zempel

About Wyoming Broadband Office

The Wyoming State Broadband Program was established in 2018 and provides speed tests and mapping resources. The program also operates the Broadband Development Grant.

Funding: Broadband Development Grant: The Broadband Development Grant provides $10 million to address the need for reliable and affordable Internet to all Wyomingites and to provide reliable Internet infrastructure that enables businesses to compete and serve their customers.

Wyoming ranks low on BroadbandNow’s best connected states’ list, coming in at the 46th rank with close to 80% “of Wyoming residents [having] access to a wired 25 Mbps broadband connection.”

Some 250,000 persons either don’t have access to a wired service provider, have access to only one single wired provider, or have a broadband capacity of less than 25 Mbps.

In June, the state’s Broadband Task Force met to discuss the CARES Act which “went towards 81 projects state-wide, at the cost of $180 million.

The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors in October also approved a Connect Wyoming contract with Mountain West Technologies Corporation…[awarding] $1,885,200 to Mountain West Technologies to provide fixed wireless broadband service to unserved areas.

Wyoming Broadband Investment Maps

Wyoming broadband investment map ready strength rank

Wyoming Map of Ready Strength Rank

Wyoming broadband investment map price and competition

Wyoming Pricing & Competition Map

Wyoming broadband investment map business establishments

Wyoming Map of Business Establishments in Underserved Areas

Wyoming broadband investment map small business establishments

Wyoming Small Business Establishments Map

Wyoming broadband investment map REC coverage

Wyoming Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) Coverage Map

Map of Wyoming Broadband Serviceable Locations

Wyoming Map of Anchor Institutions

Wyoming Broadband Service Provider Coverage Maps

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Wyoming Yield on Cost Maps

Yield on Cost without broadband grants

Wyoming broadband investment map yield on cost

Yield on Cost with 75% grant coverage

Wyoming broadband investment map yield on cost with 75% Grant Coverage