Getting Ready for BEAD Grants

Start here to get your share of $42.5 billion. Apply to one or many projects.

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Getting Ready for BEAD helps you to learn how to win BEAD broadband grants – as well as several other broadband grant programs in one or more states – from a single application model. From there, you can get a head start on your application research & development, explore your territory with easy-to-use geospatial tools, prepare for local coordination, line up matching funds, and much more.

Who is this for?

This section is intended for existing local providers interested in pursuing BEAD grants. Whether you have definite plans already, or need to explore the possibilities, this module is for you – if you already own and / or operate a provider business in at least one state or territory. This section can be completed directly, or via your consultant (you’ll be able to invite them to your application model).

What’s covered in this section?

Using the platform, you’ll:

  1. Research and develop your application model foundation – from which you’ll be able to quickly get started on one or more applications in one or more states when states begin accepting proposal
  2. Identify high-likelihood unserved and underserved areas – months ahead of Fabric, using many data sources. You can use the platform to research and tag potential areas of interest.
  3. Identify and engage key stakeholders – community leaders, anchor institutions, project collaborators, and more
  4. Understand performance history, survey current service availability, and determine desired appetite for expanded broadband services
  5. Prepare for next steps: set up your profile for local coordination, matching funds, and more
  6. Start planning for the significant ongoing reporting and performance measurement requirements set forth by NTIA for BEAD grant winners. Your application model will be key to helping you to easily sail through the process.


In this section, you’ll:

Get ready for state plans

NTIA has already supplied crystal clear guidance to all grantees (the states) in requirements for sub-grantees (the applicants). So it’s possible to get going on the fundamentals now.

State plans will be finalized and approved by NTIA within the year. Once states finalize their plans, applicants will be able to complete their applications with additional sections that deal with specific state-level requirements.

❕ TIP: It is perhaps a mistake to wait on states, since incumbents are already working out their application plans now.

Get setup for effective local coordination

In Getting Ready for BEAD, you’ll develop your profile, which will be used to pair you with great prospective partners in the upcoming local coordination section. Communities searching for strong providers will find you through your profile, so make sure to fill it out as best you can. Getting Ready for BEAD helps you put your best foot forward.

Prepare to line up matching funds

Applicants seeking matching funds will be able to source funds from a variety of interested funding sources in a future section. You can indicate interest in matching funds in Getting Ready for BEAD.

❕ BEAD will require proof of funding up front with your application submission, and this process has been known to take a year or more, so it’s best to get going as soon as possible, well before you finalize your application submissions. Most incumbents already have matching funds secured.

Set your foundation for qualification and the challenge process

In a future section you’ll be able to arm your applications with effective data to make and defend your case. In Getting Ready for BEAD, you set the foundation for asserting areas you intend to pursue qualify for BEAD funding.

Answer questions once, not dozens of times

Information you supply during Getting Ready for BEAD will be re-used in many grant programs.

Tools included in Getting Ready for BEAD

You’ll get to know a few broadband grant tools in this section:

  • Easy-to-use geospatial insights platform
  • Application Model Questionnaires
  • Yield-on-Cost Estimator
  • Ready Strength Test
  • Provider Profile & Comparisons