BEAD Timelines

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Letter of Intent - due July 18, 2022, is the deadline for an Eligible Entity to submit a Letter of Intent to participate in the BEAD Program. 


Request for Initial Planning Funds & Five-Year Action Plan - If the Eligible Entity requests Initial Planning Funds, it must submit an application for Initial Planning Funds by August 15, 2022, and a Five-Year Action Plan within 270 days of receipt of Initial Planning Funds. 


Initial Proposal - Eligible Entities will have 180 days from receipt of the Notice of Available Amounts to develop and submit an Initial Proposal, which will, among other things, describe the competitive process the Eligible Entity proposes to use to select subgrantees to construct broadband projects.


To read in more details about the  deadlines for the BEAD program, as well as any new deadlines from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, please refer to our Timeline of Key Milestones and Grant Application Deadlines.

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