Utility Stakeholder System

Also Known As: USS

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The Utility Stakeholder System brings together stakeholders involved with associated with delivering utility services into homes and businesses.

Utitlity stakeholders include:

  • Utility operators, such as broadband providers and energy providers
  • Utility regulators, such as Public Utility Commissions (PUC), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Utilty investors and infrastructure asset owners
  • Government agencies funding utility infrastructure, such as State Broadband Offices (SBOs)
  • Subscribers of utilities, and prospective subscribers near utility infrastructure
  • Utility insurers, subcontractors, consortiums, and others involved throughout the service delivery chain

Typical functions of the utility stakeholder system include:

  • Reporting and compliance automation with integration to utility analytics systems, such as an ISP's Network Monitoring System (NMS) and Operating
  • Recurring, collaborative geospatial workflows, such as broadband grant challenge processes conducted with a State Broadband Office
  • Local coordination and communinty engagement efforts for purposes of marketing or in conjunction with federal grant funding obligations

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